JOANNA M CASE  - Italian - English translation services for the legal sector
You’ve probably got this far as you’re looking for someone who can translate a legal document from Italian into English.  That’s my job!

A university graduate in Law and Italian, my working life has always involved one or the other, or both.  For over eight years now I have been handling the translation from Italian into English of a wide variety of legal documents, working extensively with Italian lawyers and dealing with both civil and criminal matters.  Reading your document as a translator as well as a practiced lawyer gives me a much broader understanding of matters than many people might have, and results in a translation of a much higher quality than might normally be found.

The burning question is, of course, usually price; once I have seen the documents you want translating, I can provide a quote.  Any documents sent to me will of course be treated in the strictest confidence.

If you would like to see my CV or require any further information, please contact me.    
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